This is not a documental description ofthe historical fact. This is an allusion, author`s thoughts. Dark individuals always appear in vague time. They stay behind real power, throw it into the ocean of self destruction and collapse.


To the sound ofbells moving motley crowd of people creates new evil similar to themselves. His name is Rasputin. Being the head of the crowd he submits it to his power. Thanks to his natural magic power Rasputin, saving young tsarevitch from the illness, finds his way to the highest level of power. Bright angel preserving the tsar’s family tries to protect them from demon, but the forces are too unequal. The Tsar family look for the saving in vague time. They consider Rasputin their savior but instead of their hopes the shadow ofthe monk comes and takes them to the next world.

Libretto’s author, produser – Honoured cultural figure ofthe Ukraine G. Kovtun
Musik – V.Kachesov
Designers – Honoured painter of the Ukraine A. Istomin, A. Ipatieva